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Hublot Replica

The Alaska Project Speedmasters, a complex topic that deserves its own book. They are called this because Hublot Replica used the code name Alaska Projects to protect all its work for NASA and distract its competitors. All items from Hublot Replica's Research and Development department were sent directly to NASA and never made it into space.(breitling replica watches)

Petros said that if a real Alaska I protoype appeared on the market "we would bid on it". The company acquired Elvis Presley’s diamond-bezel Hublot Replica at auction for $1.8m. Petros said, "I'd be surprised if the price was less than PS250,000-300,000. I can think at least 10 collectors who would bid."

Phillips held an auction on 12-13 May in which a Prototype Alaska III Reference was sold. ST 188.0002 stainless-steel electromechanical prototype chronograph watch with day and date delivered to NASA in 1979 was listed with an estimated value of CHF 10,000-20,000. The winning bid was CHF162,500. The four Alaska Projects watches would be the ultimate Hublot Replica collection item after the actual Speedmasters of astronauts.

The watch was created in a limited production of 1,970 pieces, in 2008. It is based on "Alaska II", a project that used a "standard Speedmaster" with modified dials and hands along with an outer "thermal shield" made from anodized aluminum. (swiss replica watches)

Between May and June 1970, it is estimated that 150 units of the 145.02269 watches with the racing dial more common in the Speedmaster Mark 2 were shipped to Switzerland. The watches are highly collectible and rare, but they must be accompanied with an archive extract to prove their authenticity.

The watch featured in this image was sold by Phillips at their 2016 Start-Stop Reset: 88 Epic Stainless Steel Chronographs auction, fetching a good CHF 57.500.