Fusionite Asset Manager v4

Response to our Asset Management system has been amazingly positive! Thank you for your valued contribution of ideas and suggestions for improvement. We will be launching version 4 with a number of new and significant upgrades driven specifically by the response and feedback from our existing user base.

The past 8 months have been busy documenting numerous suggestions and the feature list for version 4 has grown to include some exciting new tools and functionality. Some favorites are:

  • Added security levels. Now you can give executives access to view only so they can list assets by status.
  • Purchase Order Groups. Create a P.O. then allocate assets covered by that P.O. so you can report on their usage and assignments.
  • Loaner Assets. Are you fixing someone's laptop? Assign them a loaner and the system will track when it is due to be returned and notify you they have a loaner when you complete their service record.
  • Locations! Now you can "know before you go" to find an asset. New fields have been added to enable you to record where an asset can be found (cube, office, or building numbers).
  • SQL Server has now been integrated into version 4.

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Standard Version - Encrypted

The "plug and play" version of the full site. This version is designed for the standard installation where no customoization is desired. Comes with full installation instructions and all required site and database files. All files are encrypted and cannot be modified.

See hosting requirements here.

$249.00 USD

Advanced Version - Open Source

This advanced version is delivered with all files in open unencrypted format. If your company has access to development resources this version will enable your team to view the code and build onto the base application to customize the site for your special needs. This version is required if you intend to have Fusionite customize the site for you.

$1,229.00 USD

Want to host your Asset manager on your LAN? No problem!  Get the code for your web server.

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Some features can be customized for your business model to control employee access and customer profile.


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